proNPO helps realising visions – by using as many different methods as possible and being always open-minded for new ideas. 

Fundraising Beispiele von der Fundraising Agentur proNPO


How can we achieve your objectives together?

Some of the methods that could be used for your fundraising:

  • Direct-Marketing (mailing, newspaper distribution, newsletter)
  • Telephone-Marketing
  • face-to-face Fundraising
  • Online-Fundraising
  • Multi-Channel-Fundraising → Read more – Case-Study PFOTENHILFE
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Acquisition of new donors

Together with you, we develop the best way to gain new donors:
-    Rent addresses for a direct approach by mailing
-    Social-Media campaigns
-    face-to-face Fundraising

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Acquisition of Major Donors

Thanks to our data bank, we can help you identify major donors and address them directly.

→ Read more in our Case Studies: Successful Major Donor Campaign for PFOTENHILFE.

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Donor Management

The highest potential of every charity lies in its active donor-base. 

We are eager to help you increase the loyalty and involvement of your donors - may it be by mailing, by telephone, online or personally at your next event. In order to choose the ideal data bank for these methods, we stand consultatively by your side.


Fundraising Beratung


How can we collect donations successfully?
How can we combine different channels of communication in an optimized way?
We look back on 30 years of experience in the fundraising sector – we are happy to consult you.