Monika Sacher and Herbert Witschnig between them have 60  years of career experience focusing on fundraising, consultancy for non-profit organizations and financial economy.

As a first-class fundraiser, Herbert Witschnig contributed considerably to the establishment of professional fundraising in Austria. He was a founding member of Greenpeace Austria and was its chief executive for five years. Herbert Witschnig spent 21 years as a Senior Vice President for a domestic fundraising agency responsible for the development and realisation of effective fundraising campaigns. He was educated as an economist and qualified advertising consultant.

With her vigilant eyes, Monika Sacher's role in proNOP is to ensure that the numbers always add up and that the purchase is optimised. She has a successful 20-year banking career to look back on. Furthermore she was an instructor at the Fachhochschule Wiener Neustadt for ten years. She holds a degree in law and is certified Fundraising Executive.

Herbert Witschnig and Monika Sacher have an excellent domestic and international network. They are sought-after speakers in the areas of fundraising and consultancy at congresses and workshops both abroad and in Austria.

Herbert Witschnig and Monika Sacher are convinced: 'non-profit organisations are successful when they give new ideas space and look beyond their own backyard. This is exactly where our expertise lies.'



Monika Sacher

T: +43 1 89 00 113-10

Herbert Witschnig

T: +43 1 89 00 113-20