Here are some examples of our work

Successful Major Donor campaign (Association PFOTENHILFE)

Since 2010, PFOTENHILFE was able to acquire about 40.000 donors in cooperation with proNPO.

In order to finance the “Mini-Clinic”, which should help injured and sick animals, 35.000 Euros were needed. This amount was to be raised through a major donor campaign.


  • Identification of high potential donors by matching the charities donors base with the proNPO file “wealthy private individuals in Austria”
  • Mailing specifically directed towards the high potential donors identified
  • Telephone marketing
  • Personal conversations and an event

Thanks to this campaign the “Mini-Clinic” was completely financed. Its opening was celebrated on the 5th October 2013.

With this project, proNPO was ranked among the "Top 3 - candidates" for the Fundraising Award 2013 in the category “Fundraising Promotion of the Year”.


Target Group

Major Donors



The “Mini-Clinic” was completely financed by donations. In the course of the “Thank You” phone calls, additional information for future campaigns was collected.

By inviting the Major Donors to the “open day”, personal conversations and the development of relationships were enabled.